Monday, February 5, 2018

Just Add Glue

Slowly each surface is dressed and checked and the parts start lining up ready for pre-finish.

Another calm glue-up with eco-poxy. It's wonderful how the joints don't grab and come together in a well lubricated fashion. One of three sub-assemblies for the main carcass:

Pin It

Pinning panels on centre stops them migrating all over the place as the years pass. First I grab some bamboo skewers from the kitchen and resize them to a 7/64 drill bit.

I came up with this 'little buddy' that helps seat the dowel to the correct depth and avoids splitting the dowel when hammering it in with glue.

Notch the panel, did a few by hand then took a pile over to the table saw which also works.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Panel Preparation

Another Elm slab threw itself in front of the bandsaw. Sliced up into panels for the highboy dresser.

The rabbets were roughed out a hair oversize on the router table, then came to the bench for clean up.

Once the two edges were fitted, it was just a matter of flushing the end grain.

Also time to dress the frame surfaces.

Monday, December 11, 2017

More Shelix

My letter to Santa was delivered successfully. My planer was upgraded years ago, it's the jointers turn.


Mortises for the L tenons:

Mortises for the mitered rails:

A quick dry fit of the miter'd rails into the miter'd frame:

Some shaping, bevel:

Surface prep before cutting sliding dovetails:

Cutting a series of stopped sliding dovetails for these ribs that run across the cabinet. One of my usual plywood offcut, double stick tape, router template guide type jig:


There's something about a clean miter.

I'm reinforcing these miters with L tenons, aluminum angle with some wood strips glued on. Another idea borrowed from Fine woodworking magazine. Here's the lamination with eco-poxy glue.

Then trimmed to fit at the bandsaw.

My design called for these mitered blocks/rails. To glue up this edge joint I reused a square box I'd made to cut keyed miters.

It produced a perfectly square sub-assembly with a seamless re-sawn joint, this is straight out of the clamps, ready to be cut into lengths.


I devoted time to sitting in the office, designing a highboy dresser. Wood was piled up, Elm slabs. Then there was much cutting of wood.

The parts emerged eventually.