Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Table Top Idea

Egg before the chicken kinda thing. Don't normally start a table with the top. Although it's nice to know the top dimensions, there's not much space to have a top kicking around the shop getting damaged.

But the edges of these Ash boards were confusingly rough. I also found a couple bookmatched planks at the lumber yard that I thought I'd incorporate, equally rough edges, and matching them up would dictate the top length. More confusion. So I rough milled the edges to see what I've got, if anything. Fair bit of trimming involved, but the bookmatch grain tied together rather nicely.

Won't do final milling and glue up until the frame is closer, but at least I have a better picture of length, width, and something to mull over in my sleep.

Spearhead Desk - Shorty Version

The 4.5 footer.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

One of Many

According to this blog, it's been 3.5 years since installing the Shelix cutterhead in my planer. and I haven't touched it. until now. In that time I've thrown a small shit-ton of linear feet through the thing, with very little tear-out. I probably could have run it out for another 6 months without too much trouble, but I figured enough is enough.

So I rotated the inserts to their second cutting edge. Definitely tedious. Not sure how many hours passed. hundreds of the little suckers. But no doubt a time saving over setting straight knives once or twice every year. Certainly less voodoo magic involved.

I tackled one at a time, more controlled that way. Loosened with a socket wrench (and adaptors for the Torx bit). Brushed the insert platform and sprayed with compressed air; gave the insert a wipe down on a dry cloth; hit the odd one with a brass brush if it needed it; screwed it back in. To tighten I just snugged up by hand using the straight handled screwdriver in the picture. I thought about buying that torque wrench I've wanted for years, but I reckon a good hand snugging is all that's required.

Be sure to make a note in your journal of the starting orientation of the inserts (they have notations stamped on them) and which direction you've decided to rotate (in my case clockwise).

Wood Haulage Machine

Bunkhausdesign's new rig has seen some action. Here's the Honey Badger helping Chainsaw Dan reduce his Elm inventory. Thanks again Dan.

I also got this truck bed extender hitch rack from Lund. This thing should come standard with every pickup. Gets the weight off the tailgate and lets me haul flatdeck with a five foot bin. I'll probably trim down the post a little to get more clearance. This is a tiny load of Ash to top up inventory, but the rack is rated to 750 lbs, plenty.

Button it Up

Flushing the table top ends, and attaching the table top to the frame. It's always a little disconcerting drilling and screwing into the table top. After checking the depth about twenty times it's time to go. My dad's old Stanley hand drill is good for this, get into tight spots and you can take it nice and slow.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Framed up

Laminating the aprons. I do this because I like to have straight grain on my aprons, and so it's an efficient use of 8 qtr flat sawn material. The bookmatch is a bonus.

Lots of double mortise magic.

Layout for cutting the front legs to length. Set the tops co-planer and mark the bottom off the bench edge.

 Some angled round mortises for the stretchers.

 Cutting tapers on the front legs.

Paterns, templates, cauls and all kinds of cheat sheets.

Yes, there's days when the hand planing is challenging, and you think about busting out the palm sander. And indeed, there's a time and place for the palm sander. But yesterday was not one of those days. My dad's #3 Stanley Bailey was singing. I imagine it comes close to what a musician must feel when his finely tuned instrument is making music in his hands. I slipped into an elevated spirit animal trance, so here's pictures of all the frame members receiving treatment.

Thursday, April 6, 2017


The next milling session fired up. The foetal stages of a Spearhead desk, shorty version. I also want to explore a coffee table design. Here's an edge of a 10.5" wide 8 quarter being prepared for rough milling.

Relieving the big guy of his rift sawn material for the legs.