Saturday, November 27, 2010

Benchroom Door #1

Is this thing finished yet? well there's still a gaping 7' X 7' hole that needs to be filled with door #2; insulation; lighting; the list goes on & on. i'm feeling quite tired. but at least i finally got round to cleaning & sealing the slab, & found a way to insulate the door, so a couple hard fought wins this month.

I sprayed on a water-based Lithium densifier to seal the slab. environmentally friendly, odourless (almost no VOC), scratch resistant & glosses with age/burnishing. Lithium reacts with the lime in the concrete to make silicate which is the good stuff. Epoxy would have looked good too, but besides it's toxicity, it scrathces easily & isn't breathable, so it's not suitable for slab on grade.

There's nothing like building your own doors to bring a construction timeline to it's knees. I riveted the 2 douglas fir panels (cut from my 4X6 stash) on either side of western maple frame (shop-made walnut dowels to peg it center & give me a coat hook, & aluminum spline joint making sure they had breathing room) & filled the void with rigid foam = R7.5. I made the hinges so the door can open 180 degrees & clear the 1" steel siding. Still loving western maple, a dream to hand plane. The front doug fir panel on the other hand wanted nothing to do with a hand plane, the grain was running in & out all over the place, had to bust out the scraper & sandpaper. unusual for fir to show that much disrespect.

Now if I could just figure out how to make a 7' X 7' steel door that also swings 180...

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