Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sculpting Marathon

I thought I'd spend some time getting to understand how Maloof made his rocking chairs. Stumbling into Sam Maloof's book in a book store one day is what got me thinking about wood and how my dad always built stuff in his shop. So I signed up for a 7 day course that gets your rocker off the ground.

This first thing I realised about Sam's work is that it's epic. The second thing I realised about Sam's work, is that it's epic. Start with big pieces of wood, big joinery, then gradually cut and shape most of it way. A bit wasteful in these times I think. And definately a marathon effort required. Not sure if/when/how I'll ever finish this chair, but a fun and insightful exercise, besides being a good opportunity to go full-pikey with my camping trailer.


  1. Ry, you really did all that in 7 days? Very impressive. I hope you find time to complete the piece. You're certainly off to a great start! — Craig

  2. cheers craig. 7 long crazy days. she's got a long way to slide through, a very long way. i just keep staring at it thinking of all the material i still need to remove. would be awesome to complete one though.