Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pass the blow torch please

You know it's gone beyond the advertised 2 hour instal as soon as you reach for the blow torch. Perhaps the previous owner installed the pulley side bearing with some locktite for good measure. No amount of tapping was easing her out of the casting. Once I'd made the decision to sacrifice the bearing it released easily enough with some penetrating fluid and heat. It's a good idea to replace both bearings along with the cutterhead anyway, turns out the bearing on the gear box side had a fair amount of play in it. While I'm at it I'm going to try replace the infeed roller with a rubberised outfeed roller. Not sure why Delta use a serrated infeed roller which often scars the wood on a final light pass. So now we wait for parts. I used BC Bearings for the bearings, fraction of the price from Delta, and Delta for the roller and gear box gasket.

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