Saturday, May 17, 2014

Back to Work

It was nice to be back in my shop after an excellent visit to the motherland. Whenever I visit my dad he'll pull out some piece of treasure for me. This time it was a little #75 bullnose shoulder plane, in the original box. She's a real cutie.

First order of business was a thorough flattening & oiling of my bench. I like to do this every year or two depending on how much it's moved. For the upcoming tabletop glue-ups I wanted a nice flat foundation. And it's not flat 'til uncle wolfie says it's flat, love this #7.

Next order of business was getting the General's broken pork chop Tig welded back together. Thanks for the favour John of Alloyworks. The Tig welder waits patiently on the wish list.

I test drove this One-Way knife setting jig, borrowed from a local woodworker I met recently. Going to order one myself, they're the way to go, much nicer to use that the magnetic base and dial indicator with a sharp point. Finally running a board over this precision machine brought a smile to my face.

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