Monday, March 26, 2018


Box joints must be one of the easiest ways to make a box. right? Never done them before, so why not give it a bash.

Easy, yes pretty foolproof once you've dialed the setup (I used a dado blade method). quick? maybe not so much. Exhibit A - blow out at the back of the cut.

Exhibit B - not so much blow out after refining the process.

Even with a zero clearance fence, it's takes time to avoid the blow out. clamp the workpiece, finger pressure is not enough. zero clearance fence, obviously. Making smaller, multiple passes helps. As does scribing the cut with a marking gauge, as you would for dovetails.

Here's my jig on the sliding table. The hardboard layer gets added once the location of the jig is fine tuned. I clamped that chunk of wood onto the slider in case I dropped a drawer side onto the blade. Having it go over the blade and across the other side would be A+, but this gave me enough comfort.

Drawer bottoms getting made up. Some re-sawn western maple to avoid plywood.

Drawer parts stacking up, but luckily there's a nice rack to store them on.

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