Saturday, March 22, 2014

Made in Canada

I pulled the trigger on the jointer upgrade. This 8" sweetheart is about 10 years old, one owner and was virtually unused. Tables are flat and co-planer, fence is flat, like the day it left the factory. Only problem is the pork chop blade guard is cracked and needs a repair/replacement. Unfortunately it's not the long bed model, but it should be a nice little precision machine, perhaps worthy of a shelix upgrade one day.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Uncle Wolfie returns

I glued up the two long aprons & legs first. This made it more manageable for uncle wolfie to flush the long aprons with the top of the legs, in a civilised fashion at the bench, instead of skating around the shop floor. Uncle wolfie was again happy to oblige. For these long glue-ups, I actually used my bench end vice as a clamp, worked well. Six glue ups brought the frame together nicely, then it was time to move onto the table top. The big RA was equally obliging in crosscutting the 6/4 planks (slightly oversize). Then it was time to flatten a face. I use three jointed 2X3's as a planer sled, with some hot melt glue. It's a low tech affair, but does the trick. An edge jointing marathon ahead, but nice to see some planks on the table today.