Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Teaching and Turning

I've been enjoying teaching at Urban Woodworker this year - https://urbanwoodworker.com/

Exploring some turning on the school lathe.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Clamp Carnage Reduction Strategy and Further Shop Refinements

The annual year end shop clean up spilled over into the new year. There was unfinished business. Without a clamp rack, F clamps had been falling all over the place for far too long. An exercise in madness. What I needed was another Krenovian sawhorse. A big Krenovian sawhorse.

Then there was the case of storing all the drilling bits and pieces that were scattered around the shop.  

Then there was the case of fastener storage. The cardboard box method had failed miserably. Xmas holiday was spent cleaning up this epic, horrible mess. Picked up a couple small parts cabinets from crappy tire, seems to be doing the trick nicely, so far.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Door Covers

I decided to make some door covers for these four interior doors. I just couldn't spend another winter with the crap stained pine. If you do use pine, don't stain it, if you do stain it, try to do a half decent job. Before...


A few pictures from the build. The 4/4 White Ash is delivered & unwrapped. 

Each plank was split in half. The re-saw produced 1/4" planks/veneers.

Shooting edge joints.

The new Mirka 6" is busted out after the glue ups

The Trimmings

Finally got round to trimming the shop windows. Western Maple; miter'd corners and L tenons.