Friday, February 20, 2015


The crest rail takes shape. Once I've sliced the laminations, I like to hand plane each face before they go into the form, to give that seamless look. Started running out of Western Maple, hard to believe, so threw in some Walnut pin stripes, that's just the way we roll with the Easy Rider. I kept ripping this thing down, got carried away in heat of the moment and probably went a bit too far, but we'll run with it and find out. Also my first venture into cross cutting curved pieces to length on the table saw, but it turned out to be reasonably straight forward with a spacer and some judicious lining up to layout.

yeah I got a helmet

Here's the inspiration for the Easy Rider chair. I've wanted to make a chair that was cool enough for Mr Hopper for some time. As for Jack, well he'd sit on anything, he ain't fussy.

Been coming back to this picture hanging in my shop a lot recently as this Easy Rider mockup/version 1 falls into full free-flow. There's been a number of departures from the drawings, now the drawings have been left behind and I'm making it up as I go. Think I'm going to try do this once a year, let go & try something new that I'm not sure is going to work out. It's the way Dennis would do it anyway, no doubt.

Dialing it in

The One-way gauge leads the way. Time to change knives on the jointer. The planer was giving me snipe. I don't normally accept any snipe, so the chip breaker and infeed and outfeed rollers were checked & reset.

If you don't own wings...

...Well You'll just never fly. The winged armrest which I stole from Lord Godfrey is taking shape. If I had a fence on my table saw I would have considered ripping out the waste under the wing. But I re-sawed the arm on the bandsaw, roughed out the wing and glued it back on. Once it's shaped, with the grain match & hand planing the glue surfaces, you wouldn't know it was a lamination.

More sitting by the mortiser

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sitting by the Mortiser

Mockup for the Mockup

I had to break into the other half of the big plank. We're talking about a plank 27" X 3.5" X 11'. The plank that keeps on giving. This was because of some surprise checking in a couple parts I'd milled before. But this did present an opportunity to use one of the binned armrests as a mock up for project Easy Rider.