Monday, December 11, 2017

More Shelix

My letter to Santa was delivered successfully. My planer was upgraded years ago, it's the jointers turn.


Mortises for the L tenons:

Mortises for the mitered rails:

A quick dry fit of the miter'd rails into the miter'd frame:

Some shaping, bevel:

Surface prep before cutting sliding dovetails:

Cutting a series of stopped sliding dovetails for these ribs that run across the cabinet. One of my usual plywood offcut, double stick tape, router template guide type jig:


There's something about a clean miter.

I'm reinforcing these miters with L tenons, aluminum angle with some wood strips glued on. Another idea borrowed from Fine woodworking magazine. Here's the lamination with eco-poxy glue.

Then trimmed to fit at the bandsaw.

My design called for these mitered blocks/rails. To glue up this edge joint I reused a square box I'd made to cut keyed miters.

It produced a perfectly square sub-assembly with a seamless re-sawn joint, this is straight out of the clamps, ready to be cut into lengths.


I devoted time to sitting in the office, designing a highboy dresser. Wood was piled up, Elm slabs. Then there was much cutting of wood.

The parts emerged eventually.