Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Let's just end this lampshade madness

Yes, of course you can't bend cedar, it likes to split (apparently most domestic softwoods aren't good candidates). So I pulled out a Birch slab from the compound shed. The Birch veneers bent nicely on the hot pipe. Really not sure where this lampshade ended up, but decided to just have some fun experimenting. If nothing else I've got a few ideas for the next one.

I pegged the parts together with bamboo skewers. Here's my jig for sizing the bamboo, a 7/64 hole drilled in some angle iron. The bamboo was still a hair oversize, I guess because the fibres compress a little, but a light pass on some sticky back sandpaper finished them off.

Reality Bites

I spent a week at one of the dusty Parker Street shops, filling in for someone. An interesting experience in a fast paced environment. Felt a bit lost without my bandsaw. You know, you can break parts out in the rough once you move away from the table saw, right. I mean, holy shit. Nevertheless, more real world experience would surely benefit my shop efficiency, lots to learn as always.