Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Technology Department

A few pictures of the latest shop tools. Following yet another schizophrenic PC meltdown and system recovery, it was time to jump ship and implement a sturdier platform. As head of the IT department, I had to shut the shop doors for a few days to manage the transition project. I also set up a 1 terrabyte file server so I can access photos and drawings from the shop or office without storing everything on the laptop's small hard drive.

To get internet out to the shop (wireless signal couldn't reach) I used these handy 'power/ethernet adaptors' which meant I didn't need to run ethernet cable (something I've been putting off for years). The adaptor picks up the wireless signal from the office through the house power. Then it was just a case of throwing a wireless router into the shop.

After many hours of deliberation I decided what to change on Easy Rider verison 1. So now, patterns are scattered on the bench as I play with parts to find version 2.  Explore some lines...cut a pattern..think some more...cut another pattern...

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Plug Job

More new territory, I haven't had to make plugs before. After a bit of research I went with the veritas system; tapered plug cutter and a flush-cut hand saw that has no set in the teeth, so it doesn't mar the finished surface. They did a perfectly good plug job.

Here's the legs getting fared into the rockers. Many hours of final shaping and sanding later, the first coat of Tung oil hit the Walnut.

Switching Gears

With the final rocker glue-up done, I made a railing for a neighbor. Here's some of the tubing getting a scrub down. It turned out pretty sweet, in-situ picture to come.