Thursday, June 11, 2015

Taking things one step further

Sonofabitch. That's definitely a Surform in my hand. That can only mean one thing, the rocker is back. Yes, the rocker was tormenting me from it's corner again, and I couldn't take the mental anguish. So I pulled it out and continued slowly removing more material. It actually almost feels like progress has been made with the rocker. The end is still nowhere in sight, but a milestone perhaps...or perhaps just another false summit.

The legs have been shaped into the seat, and the arm rest has been glued on and shaped into the legs. I had to whip up a stepped dowel for the armrest/front leg joint; we drilled the holes in the front legs on a drill press and manky jig at the school (they don't have a horizontal mortiser), the resulting holes were oversize, but the stepped dowel came to the rescue. How I didn't unearth the 3" screw while shaping the armrest to the back leg only Sam will know.

I admit to quite liking the old Stanley Surform. I inherited it from a friend, it was her dads. I threw on a sweet micro-plane blade. When you have epic amounts of material to remove you're grateful for anything that works.

Any hint of progress will slow down as I clean up all these surfaces in preparation for gluing in the spindles and headrest. Perhaps it's just as well this project moves from one season to the next, it's been a real treat working in my outdoor space lately. No shop is complete without a covered outdoor work space.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Chair #4 - Easy Rider Version 1

It's time to devote some time to sitting. Please be patient as I sip on a couple whiskey's in the name of product testing. The Easy Rider certainly has some pleasing lines, but I'm going to need to tweak a few things before it can provide perfectly smooth long distance cruising. I got greedy and made the seat cushion too thick for starters, and the seat probably needs to be lowered in general. I've heard that seat height is one of the most important parts of a chairs geometry, so should have devoted more time to it during planning. With a bit of luck I'll be able to make some decisions and get version 2 into production before too long. Unless the Rocker rears it's head again...