Monday, June 8, 2015

Chair #4 - Easy Rider Version 1

It's time to devote some time to sitting. Please be patient as I sip on a couple whiskey's in the name of product testing. The Easy Rider certainly has some pleasing lines, but I'm going to need to tweak a few things before it can provide perfectly smooth long distance cruising. I got greedy and made the seat cushion too thick for starters, and the seat probably needs to be lowered in general. I've heard that seat height is one of the most important parts of a chairs geometry, so should have devoted more time to it during planning. With a bit of luck I'll be able to make some decisions and get version 2 into production before too long. Unless the Rocker rears it's head again...


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    1. Beautiful piece Ry. This brief moment of relaxation is well deserved!

  2. Thanks v much Craig. I was surprised it came together considering this was project Easy Rider, designing as I built. still a few kinks to work out, but a super fun build.