Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bringing it home.

Back in the shop after recovering from a severe mountain biking relapse. This time I ended up in Moab, UT, a place infamous for fueling the addiction.

Once I got my head straightened out, I plunged into the many glue ups and seat frame. I thought I'd take a run at stretching the Jute webbing myself, might be a skill that comes in handy. I made up a crude webbing stretcher tool, that my neighbor remarked looks more like a 'wife correcting' tool, but it served it's purpose. The chair has been handed over to the upholsterer who will install some fabric over the webbing and also make up the seat cushion.

And of course the the router place came in handy for cleaning up the stopped rabbets after roughing them out on the router table.


  1. Ry, beautiful work, as always! However, after seeing the first photo above I have a hard time believing that you might ever have time to sit down --- in a chair. So, my friend, what is it that drives you to make one? Is it perhaps that while some of us dream of getting up off the couch and being active for once in our lives, that you might be just the opposite and dream of what it must be like to be sedentary? ;-)

  2. Ha, great comment Craig. I think it's like Hans said, a good chair is a task one is never completely done with. He also said something to the effect that it is not possible to design the perfect chair in a single lifetime, but one can try. I think that's what keeps bringing me back to chairs these days, to see if I can get closer.
    Of course when one does find precious time to sit down, it should be in a nice chair. Perhaps not a perfect chair, but at least a nice chair.