Thursday, June 11, 2015

Taking things one step further

Sonofabitch. That's definitely a Surform in my hand. That can only mean one thing, the rocker is back. Yes, the rocker was tormenting me from it's corner again, and I couldn't take the mental anguish. So I pulled it out and continued slowly removing more material. It actually almost feels like progress has been made with the rocker. The end is still nowhere in sight, but a milestone perhaps...or perhaps just another false summit.

The legs have been shaped into the seat, and the arm rest has been glued on and shaped into the legs. I had to whip up a stepped dowel for the armrest/front leg joint; we drilled the holes in the front legs on a drill press and manky jig at the school (they don't have a horizontal mortiser), the resulting holes were oversize, but the stepped dowel came to the rescue. How I didn't unearth the 3" screw while shaping the armrest to the back leg only Sam will know.

I admit to quite liking the old Stanley Surform. I inherited it from a friend, it was her dads. I threw on a sweet micro-plane blade. When you have epic amounts of material to remove you're grateful for anything that works.

Any hint of progress will slow down as I clean up all these surfaces in preparation for gluing in the spindles and headrest. Perhaps it's just as well this project moves from one season to the next, it's been a real treat working in my outdoor space lately. No shop is complete without a covered outdoor work space.

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