Thursday, July 16, 2009

Table 2 - Metalwork

Can I go back to my bench now? I have missed my woodwork bench. Metalwork is a lot of fun, but I'm looking forward to working with clean hands and getting hold of that Black Walnut. Here's the metal frame for table 2. The aprons will be painted black. I'm experimenting with automotive acrylic lacquer & sandable primers. Seem to be getting nice results, just wish I could find something a little less toxic, is there any chemical they don't need in these paints? Hot-rod flat black or gloss black? Tough call. Managed to get her reasonably accurate. Weld heat distortion makes furniture building a challenge, when in doubt add another clamp.

Also, the welding table I knocked up for the job. had to go with a puny 1/4" plate for the table top, just to make unloading from the trailer more manageable. 3/8" would have been nice & solid. Amazing how heavy these plates are, even the 1/4" weighed 245 pounds.

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