Friday, February 5, 2010

Speed Stripe Shutters

I enjoy the routine of rolling out of bed & swinging open the shutters to greet the morning & make my Pacific Northwest rain forecast (showers/light/torrential). They have a nice door-swing weight to them, mainly because the western maple frames are 1 3/4" thick with the goal of handling door dimensions as an exercise. The hinges that I knocked up run surprisingly well. I put a Tupla finger slot in the door frame instead of a pull for opening & closing; clean, comfortable, simple. I might make latches at some point. I hit the Western Maple frames with 1000 grit after hand planing & then beeswax; super silky, beautiful wood.
I'm really digging these things, although they don't feature any complex/extraordinary woodworking. I think it's because this is what customising the loft is all about. Reading about designer Eero Aarnio recently '...furthering the notion that home life and design are fully integrated into a sort of laboratory for living.' I like the experimental nature of these things. I'll continue exploring in the bunkhaus laboratory.

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