Saturday, December 11, 2010

Estas Muy Fuerte? - Door#2 - in progress

The incas must have been smiling down on me. I was sure this was going to be the part of the movie where it ends in defeat & I drag a whole bunch of twisted expensive metal to the recyling yard. Stunned that it went together without a fight, & that it actually doesn't seem to want a spring loaded castor on the bottom (a canadian company Darcor make the sweetest machined gate spring loaded castors should it need one). Without any cursing, except for the forehead slapping colossal screwup of welding the top rail in back to front. It's been a long time since my last stupid screwup, so I guess I was just due.

1 week design time, 1 week fabrication time. Got myself psyched up last saturday morning & sat down at my welding table. I rose from my table on sunday night, in some kind of red-eyed inca trance, with most of the sub-assemblies scattered around the new fabrication facility. most ridiculous thing I've ever cobbled up. 7'X7'X4" (thick because I wanted as much insulation as a wall). folds 180. The idea was to keep the structural internal (with the exception of that one flatbar sticking out due to the aforementioned colossal screwup), & the lines as clean as possible. Combination of cold & hot rolled steel. lucked out on the hot rolled, clean & blue.

Not out of the woods yet, lots more weight to add, needs spray foam insulation, cladding on inside & also buffing up, finishing etc, but looking like it may fly (not seeing any sag yet). not the greatest pics, but snapped a few off during the inaugural test drive. A door this size called for the mother of all piano hinges. I mean the mother of all piano hinges.

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  1. Awesome! It looks so close to being done, must be a great feeling. Looking forward to the shop tour.