Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stool WIP

Some in progress pics of the stool I've been working on. standing over a slot mortiser for hours can be a back killer, so I've found sitting down next to the arm gives good visibility, control & comfort. notice the dust collection rigged up; zero chips on the floor & the top pipe kept the mortise clean which resulted in nice crisp mortise walls.

parts on the bench; arbutus bookmatched seat & rift sawn walnut for the rest. Lots of hand cutting & fitting of the double bridal joints, especially the mitered ones, perfect exercise to get the hand tools swinging again.


  1. Nice work.
    What kind of mortiser is that? I am in the market for one and would like to find an old D&W but haven't had the luck finding one.

  2. hi kylle. sorry just noticed your comment. This one is a Rojek (made in czech) that i found second hand on craigslist, works well. horizontal mortisers are worth the investment, but hard to come by second hand. D&W mortiser's are great, but often require buying a pretty expensive xyz table from felder, after getting it in from the us & reconditioning it. laguna makes a mortiser with xyz table.

  3. Thanks, Sorry, now I'm just noticing your reply;). I finally located a D&W so I'm pretty excited about that. My friends think I'm crazy for wanting one but after spending time on them at IP I feel they are pretty irreplaceable.