Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flattening jig

I'm making a slab hall table & thought I'd try using the Offerman router jig on FWW. Flattening a surface too wide for the jointer or planer comes up now & then. This method does an excellent job flattening a surface. but I need to figure out some form of dust collection, it sprays dust everywhere, leaving a full shop cleanup in it's wake.


  1. Nice! Elm? Do it outside to minimize the mess.

  2. hey dan. yup, elm. used some of the shaughnessy elm for the legs, v nice grain. surprised how accurate this jig is. yes, may need to be done in the 'outside facility' in future, we're talking about a dust explosion. saves time working off a flat bench though & keeps the noise down. routers are real screamers. maybe i'll get more aggressive & take deeper passes next time, took an hour or 2 to get the bow & wind out of this guy.