Saturday, December 24, 2011

Slow but Steady

Work on Chair #1 progresses in between bathroom reno madness. Some in-progress pics: a big load on the crescent; joinery cut & fit; bent lamination.  Time to shape parts & start some pre-finishing & glue-ups.

Also a note about the mortiser set-up to avoid getting tangled up with double mortises (with floating tenons): spacer milled to correct thickness, so no need to adjust the table height which keeps the double mortise consistent; tape on all pieces to mark which side up, again so the double mortise is consistent accross pieces; "little buddies", one to set the angle of the workpiece, another to set the depth of cut stop on the table.


  1. Chair progress looks good! Keen to see how it unfolds. But bathroom reno madness? It's great that you have multiple projects on the go so that they can mutually prevent one another from getting completed!

  2. thanks dan. i'm also keen to see how it unfolds! yup, reno madness was enough to prevent progress, but then with daycare/school closing & a killer head cold, i had no chance. back on the case this week.