Friday, November 16, 2012

#1 V's #1.1

Thought I'd do a stand-off against the prototype with both barrels blazing to see which one had the quickest draw in the West. They say repition leads to refinement. What do you think, good, bad or ugly? I enjoyed the process of revisiting the design to see if I could find enlightenment. Especially after spending a year sitting in the proto mulling it over.

I introduced compound angled joinery to open up the front legs, moved the back legs out with a curve, and tweaked the backrest & seat geometry. I was also was more careful with the grain graphics and how I lay out the patterns on the slab. Both frames came out of the same Elm tree that I harvested with Dan. We'll have to wait for the new year for the leatherwork to be done by Fiveleft, good things are worth waiting for.


  1. Hey Ry, I really like the curve in the new back leg. A bit of a curve to the leather back, too, eh? Well done. ― Craig