Saturday, February 9, 2013

Getting it Together

Managed to get the carcase into the clamps this week for the glue-ups. Being my first cabinet, it strikes me how many critical cuts there are in making a cabinet: joinery; rabbet; grooves all over the place. One wrong move on a carcase member could mean complete calamity, leaving your project and mental health in ruin, and possibly a new shop window because something's been thrown through it.  This is compounded when you're working with a limited amount of wood, paying attention to grain graphics.

Careful deliberation and layout with the marking gauge helps keep things straight. As does getting yourself 95% there on the router table, then trimming by hand. I picked up a veritas router plane recently as a belated shop xmas gift. Cool little hand tool considering how important consistent depth of cut is, and sure to become a shop favourite, great for trimming high spots and cleaning up.


  1. Hey Ry, covering some new territory, eh? Excellent. You know, I've been eyeing one of those router planes for some time. Seems to be the ticket for fine tuning those dadoes and rabbets. — Craig

  2. it's funny, i was actually eyeing a small shoulder plane, which i'm sure would earn it's keep, but L.V was out of stock. Felt I had to buy something so got this instead, but sure i'll be reaching for it often. need to take a closer look at your blog, the new chair was looking sweet.