Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wall Cabinet #1



Some pics of the kitchen caffeine cabinet, (top module of the sideboard project), for storage of tea and coffee paraphernalia. It's all part of getting your morning fix.

The display shelves were designed to hold a couple travel keepsakes we've collected over the years, which we use for tea bag storage. The carved Sandalwood bowl on the left is from Mozambique, the tea box on the right is from Argentina. Sandalwood is beautifully aromatic and is one of the few aromatic woods that retains it's fragrance for decades.

The Black Walnut and Arbutus sliding doors are a nod to the sliding pantry door, opposite. The cabinet carcase was resawn from a slab of Elm that I harvested with Dan. This Elm was different to previous Red Elm I've worked with, I'm going with Chinese Elm. Lots of Silica in the wood, lots of hand plane iron sharpening.


  1. Beautifully cut and fitted dovetails! Nice cabinet. — Craig

  2. thanks craig. there's room for improvement but i'm happy with them. Many days passed by working on these, but looking at a half decent set of dovetails it's easy to see why they've stood the test of time, strong, beautiful, all without firing up a machine. there's something about them despite the time investment.