Saturday, October 12, 2013


Started the NK style drawers. Here's the drawer bottom glue-up with steel sheet, and fitting the drawer fronts into the carcase. Steel bottom because it can take a beating from cutlery, and because I wouldn't want to start using plywood. Yes...a spline running through that partition dovetail...somehow I only put glue on the bottom dovetail, not the top one during assembly, must have been one of those quick & easy glue-ups done when already late for picking my son up from school...had to stabilise the joint somehow. "Mr. Greenley was never perturbed about a mistake; he simply set about finding the most efficient fix. He understood intuitively that surges of negative emotion not only interfere with problem-solving; they also get built into the object you’re working on." (From Mr Cheek's thoughts on boat building).

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