Monday, January 27, 2014

A Little Cross-Cutting Gem.

Here's the steel motor cover I made. I made some mounts so that it slides on and off in a second. Also the blade guard with dust hook-up that I made. A woodworking buddy kindly donated an Excalibur splitter to the cause, which made a good mounting point for the guard. Surprised the blade guard with dust hook up had to be a project from scratch involving lots of research and head scratching, there should be thousands of these coming out of China. I based mine on the Sharkguard and the Saw Stop guard, neither of which are readily available. It seems to be working well for cross-cutting and I'm happy with the dust collection. I mounted a chunk of aluminum on the miter guage T slot, to serve as a sled type fence. I made a shim and glued in to the beat up arbour nut flange after lapping it, so that it mates properly with the inside flange. It's not pretty but it works, the last picture shows the base I made for the bottom of the cabinet for dust collection, notice the top louvre was left open to create airflow. I also put some holes in the motor cover to help cool air wash over the motor, but sealed the gap between the cast table and cabinet with weatherstripping foam, and made magnetic covers for the blade angle & rear trunion slots. Lastly knocked up a bunch of zero clearance throat plates. Time to throw it into production.

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