Thursday, September 4, 2014


A few pictures of the bench frame joinery and glue up. Like the table frame, I used my bench end vice to glue up the long aprons and legs. When it came time to mill up a few more table top clips for the bench, I made a trip over to my dedicated ceiling hanging spot in the machine room where I stash my patterns. I was happy to find my 'little buddy'/cheat sheet from last time. I like it when the bunkhaus operating procedures smooth out the road. Ever since The Fen discovered the spokeshave, he's been shaping any off-cut he can. I see he's still in his PJ's here, that's just the way we roll during school holidays.

I pulled the trigger on a router table replacement. despite the glowing reviews in Fine Woodworking, the table is showing a couple thou' dip with the weight of the router. and the fence wasn't square.  They also need to find a smarter way to level the router lift...painful...a bunch of crappy nuts and bolts isn't going to cut the mustard boys. but whatever, it seems half decent, and I'm looking forward to spending some time with her.


  1. Glad to see the Fen apprenticing in your studio. I'm sure you've got the best looking off-cuts in BC. Keep up the good work, fellas. You make a great team! — Craig

  2. Thanks Craig. Its just a matter of time before the apprentice can help me lift heavy wood.