Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Make it More Green

You can never have too much green in the shop. 2014, the year of the machine upgrades: planer cutterhead; table saw; router table; jointer. Thought I may as well round off this whole upgrade phase. Looks like this General 15" will replace my little rockwell 12" bandsaw. I like my lightweight rockwell, but the heavyweight General 490 is after all the perfect secondary bandsaw. As did the General jointer, it came from the original owner who wasn't asking too much for it. It's about 25 years old, little use, wheels are co-planer, solid cast frame looks like it came out the factory yesterday, but it needs some time investment to run as silky smooth as these saws typically do. Dust ports, decent stand, tension spring, tires, pulley alignment etc. In other words a bit of a project before it's up & running.

Of course this acquisition sparked a minor shop re-organisation, and it was also at this point that I realised I was drowning in off-cuts. So I pulled a few wheel barrow loads of wood out the shop. Included in the shop re-org was relocating the shop stereo, a matter which shouldn't be entered into lightly, something that requires careful deliberation & execution. But in the end, the bandsaw duo make a good looking team, they actually have very similar lines, I like looking at them.

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