Monday, October 26, 2015

Wrapping Up.

Here's the final glue-up, and the seat frame going into the clamps. To cut the rabbet on the seat frame, I thought I'd best make a sled. Safety first. The sled worked well and kept my fingers well away from the exposed bit. Don't forget to make a start and finish ramp for the bearing guide. I only used the sled for the curved thin back piece, the rest are straight cuts on wider stock, made with the fence.

While I was in the experimental mood, I thought I'd try Old Brown Liquid Hide Glue (to glue in the spindles). It helps to have some extra open time to arrange the spindles and reconcile them. Nice glue to work with, non-toxic, and clean up is about as good as advertised, also important when it comes to spindles. Drop the bottle in hot tap water, and wait for it to turn from a gel to a viscous liquid.

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