Sunday, February 26, 2017

Let's Wrap it Up

Flushing the ends of the panels small enough to fit on the slider. Longer ones received hand plane treatment.

Like a stack of plywood. Except ash. Waiting for flattening & face treatment, performed by my beat up piece of crap dewalt palm sander. Where's that Mirka when you need it?

The dark side of the benchroom. I hate violating my benchroom like this again. I've been doing way to much messy work inside the shop instead of my outdoor workspace, way too much. But we've had a hard winter this year, just too tempting to work inside the warm shop.

Surfaces, surfaces, surfaces. Treating the frames with the big guns.

Modified Robertsons screws to fit into the 1/4" grooves of the frames. These will pin the floating panels on centre and allow for even seasonal movement of the panels.

The female notch to capture the screw.

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