Thursday, October 12, 2017

Make it Rain

And with the rain comes the need to make planks.

I started with a small project to ease the hands back into work after a summer of truly exceptional distractions. The project involved remaking the top section of my 'Outlaw' coffee hutch to better accommodate my latest coffee machine. The coffee addiction is real. This meant going from two drawers to one so that the machine could sit at a lower elevation on the right.

Some free hand doweling on the mortiser using the shop made doweling jig.

My dad gave me these pincer pliers years ago. They work great for pulling the pins that hold the jig in place.

Fresh off the drill press. I typically make a jig for each butt joint, so in this case 4 jigs. This helps keep the mating dowel holes consistent for each joint, and also spreads out the wear and tear of the jig holes.

Stitching it up, dry fit.

Tapered cauls for the glue up. To apply pressure in places where no clamp can go.

I re-used one of the old drawers. It was an nk drawer which was obviously fit to the previous cabinet. I oversized the drawer opening height & width by a couple hairs, then I made up some 1/16 veneers and laminated them onto the drawer rails, then re-fit the drawer.

Ready for a stiff pour. And while we're getting jacked up. I picked up a Mazzer Mini on craigslist about a year ago. It goes front & centre in the kitchen, no cabinet modifications necessary. Built like a tank.

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