Sunday, September 12, 2010

Contruction Time Again...

2010 is the year of the studio, but with all these summer distractions I was running out of time for garage #2. I would have to rely on machine tools rather than hand tools. The digger did an efficient job of digging a pit in front of the shop. The massive dump trucks did an equally efficient job of hauling dirt away. Then the concrete trucks did a good job of filling the pit. Then contractor Rick did an awesome job of power troweling the slab, while sipping on beers in between set-ups, until the wet slab looked like a sheet of glass. I've always had an issue with digging a hole then filling it with concrete, but at least I now have foundation walls & a very pretty slab to start building from. The posts & kneebraces have been prepped from my 4"X6" stash, & I've started prepping the 6"X10" beams which just came in. Just need to take care of one more summer distraction before i can get down to business, it's not quite Fall yet.

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