Saturday, September 25, 2010

The new 'Wing'

ok she's up. can't wait to see her on google earth. The roof joists are 26' long. There's something primal about building a heavy & immovable object, something you can lean against. Still a long way to slide, roofing, doors, windows, sheet metal etc, etc. and we'll have to see what the building inspector thinks of all this. but the months spent drawing & shop prep'ing the reclaimed doug fir posts/beams/kneebraces paid off. She went together like a jigsaw puzzle, with the awesome help of a young keen carpenter or two. I recommend getting a professional carpenter in & signing on as a 'laborer/wood cutter/materials runner'; a super efficient way to go for the furniture maker. As expected, the minute we started the framing, the storms started rolling in, monsoon season is here.

a little bit of psuedo timber frame joinery, she was designed to go up quickly but still be bombproof, I'm calling her a timber frame hybrid. spent a couple minutes making a water level for measuring the heights of the posts, just like the inca's did, - worked like a charm, water is always parallel to the earth!

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