Monday, February 20, 2012

Little bit of art, little bit of function

I decided that I was fed-up with not having somewhere to dump my crap upon entering the bunkhaus. I`m sure guests were feeling the same. This way one can immediately purge pockets: cell phone; wallet; hat; coat; keys; sunglasses; emergency bag of cherrios; all that crap. I chose the woods to match the hall stool I made last year (for that second matter of business upon entering, taking off shoes), Arbutus slab with Walnut cubbies. The cubbies are suspended from the flat bar. Not sure if the metalwork is Zulu shield inspired or canoe inspired...but when you put flat bar under tension it becomes very rigid/structural. I also fab`d a type of french cleat out of flat bar to hang it on the wall, worked well. I've been using this thing for a couple weeks now & it's a real game changer.

That bar cabinet was the first thing I ever made, when I knew nothing. I still know nothing, but back then I knew absolutely nothing. at least the skills have improved a little over the years.

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