Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Flattening

Here's a 9' section of a very long 31.5" X 5" reclaimed Glulam that my friend Karl at Vancouver Timber had resawn/sliced in half for me (just under 2.5" each). understandably, they cupped when sawn, & were in need of some flattening.

Probably the biggest slab I've had on the router flattening jig yet & it coped pretty well with a nice flat result. Final slab thickness 2.125". I figured out a way to quickly set the jig up in the outdoor work area instead of on my workbench; some rough sawhorses with t-nuts/bolts/angle iron for leveling the jig. Definately an outdoor pursuit, it's messy business. The objective: countertops for my kitchen food prep tables.

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