Thursday, February 4, 2016

Full Steam Ahead Kindof

The bending exploration continues. The clock goes round and round. I rigged up a steam box. Earlex make a quick and easy steam generator with hose and fittings. Not sure why I went with pine, other than it was cheap and easy. 3/4 ply is the way to go, the pine goes nuts with the heat & moisture.

This box is 8' long, maxing out the capability of the little steam generator, it takes about an hour to get up to the temperature needed, 212F, if it reaches it. Could add a second steam generator. or make a smaller box. The veritas metal backing strap would also be essential.

I still really like how much control there is over a bent lamination. No messing around with moisture content of the stock, kiln dried, air dried, no matter. But I can see a time a place for other methods...

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