Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Framework

I think this will be some kind of lampshade frame. Maybe. Half Lap sweetness.

Loving my latest ghetto shooting board.

It's jig central around here. Knocked up a miter key box that can work on my sliding table. Also used the jig to glue up the miters before cutting the key kerf.

May as well throw some yellow cedar into the mix. Could come in useful. Cut some veneers from a one of Dan's chunks.

Straight off the Shelix baby.


  1. Sweet veneers, Ry. How thick(i.e., thin) can you feed yellow cedar veneers through the Shelix? Keep up the good work, man!

  2. Hey Craig good to hear from you. These guys were 1/8th. I've also gotten down to about 1/16 on some Walnut, although the last inch or so explodes as it's coming through the cutterhead. I need to sit down & catch up with your latest chair build. Take care.